One thing I will not do is sugar coat truth. Sugar coating... We do that alot, for some odd and ridiculous reason we refuse to admit when we hurt. We refuse to come to grips with the harsh reality that living a life like this kicks you in the mouth. We, man and woman, born in sin aim to live a life pleasing to he, who is the definition of perfection. We slip, we fall short and we feel so pathetic in comparision to those who make the walk look so easy. Those who never deal with lust, depression, anger, inpatience, hate, unforgiveness, and plain ol' confusion. Being a Christian is hard, being a Christian is like training a Chimpanzee to shower, a Cobra to fight without venom. Being a Christian goes against everything our brain and conscious tells to be, say, and do. Being a Christian calls us to be outcasts, to deny ourselves the most appealing things on Earth. Being a Christian calls us to rely on an unseen source against an enemy with centuries of practice. The odds can seem low, considering our ideal example departed for heaven centuries before the founding of our nation. Being a Christian sucks, but we can do all things.. Amen?! What I share with you are the same conversations I have at my dinner table, on the train. It's those things I think about, but never bring up in bible study.. I'm bringing those questions, ideas, frustrations, and thoughts to you, raw, uncensored, and completely human. Welcome!